Outdoor furniture is getting more and more attention, enjoyment is the most important aspect of the city now

In the face of the rapid development of outdoor furniture market for more than 20 years, many furniture giants do not hesitate to devote themselves to the adventure of the outdoor furniture market. Some are more conservative with individual products, while others are bolder with entire collections. The news in quick succession came, the transformation strategy for the outdoors was in full swing.

Balconies, terraces, parks, gardens and other Spaces, public and private, have been created to compensate for the cramped space caused by the rapid expansion of the city. These Spaces are the fresh oxygen in our lives and bring outdoor furniture to famous.Our designers, urban planners, architects, landscape architects have worked tirelessly to mix nature in the heart of the metropolis in the most intimate way possible, to “create” new habits for the inhabitants out of thin air..

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For a long time, the outdoor goods market is a relatively independent field in design. Outdoor furniture initially offered only a few basic items and lacked aesthetic design. It was a market for specific merchants. But at the start of 2000, many pioneer brands began a market transformation, expanding their offerings as much as technology allowed. From Vondom, which specializes in rolling plastic, to Manutti’s WaProLace, a recyclable, chlorine-resistant synthetic fabric, these traditional outdoor furniture brands are starting to move closer to interior furniture.

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They have taken advantage of these emerging technologies to enrich their product catalogs and improve their comfort levels, while also starting to work with well-known designers in the market strategies of their interior competitors. So, sooner or later, no doubt, developers of interior products, lured by the booming market, will take the same step.

At Roche Bobois, outdoor furniture currently accounts for only 4 percent of sales, says Nicolas Roche: “It’s still low, but it’s growing fast, up 19 percent in 2017. So we are confident that we will continue to invest in this area.” Determined to offer a more comprehensive product line, these interior furniture giants have finally succeeded in diversifying. While reasonably refining their product catalog, they have also successfully transformed to capture more dynamic new markets. This market is broad, sunny and the wind of design always blows.

Post time: Nov-11-2021

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