Restaurant Project Of Sun Master Furniture Manufacturer

Sun Master is not only an OEM outdoor furniture manufacture with over 20 years’ experience of garden furniture manufacturer and café chair supplier, but an innovative design factory keeps launching more than 30 models every season. We are specialized in patio armrest chairs with weaving wicker, rope outdoor furniture, and textile outdoor furniture with aluminum powder coated frames and steel frames attached with different kind of material such as plastic wood and teak wood


With the highly development of Catering industry, enjoying the immersed beautiful environment takes the priority besides the tasty food. Any kind of change and innovation aims to improve the pleasant of customer experience, so as to bring more people to come over and get more profits. It is well known all the interior design and updating atmosphere works around customers’ needs, offing them the best quality with best service. During all this process, furniture places very important role getting to people, so as the outdoor furniture.


With the increasing development of economy, people are not concerned about getting enough food anymore. Instead, people are caring for enjoying nice cuisine and different experience while taking the food. Showing up how a restaurant should be to enjoy the meal seems to be basic skill for a qualified restaurant designer. Fashion design changes various, both outdoor furniture and restaurant furniture various accordingly. So, while we undertake a project, the design should be taken into consideration: furniture, out space and interior design. Let’s get back to the implementation. Picking up the right restaurant chairs and desks can enhance the vision effect.


How to make a good restaurant design, to meet the needs from customer, thinking from their point of view, creating the idol and brand of the place are connected. Shortly, a popular restaurant is not only for the cuisine, but also for the aesthetics. Here, we are going to discuss the outdoor furniture, types of wicker armrest outdooring chairs comprehensively.


Step 1

The location is important. The boss may have a clear understanding of certain type of restaurant. The consuming group, the consumption level and how much it would be cost.

Step 2

While the location is checked, making analysis towards the customer is important. The characteristics of coming customer, the number of visitors are all helped to create the restaurant culture. That’s to say, as long as we have a clear understanding of our target customers, we should choose the interior design according to their way of interest. In other words, the restaurant chairs and restaurant tables are the key to create the function and good looking.

Step 3

The restaurant function is created by furniture. The outdoor furniture enables the customers enjoy outside space with sunshine, fresh air. Here, what is the core of the restaurant? Tasty, of course. A nice environment enhances the experience, no body refuse a place of comfy, cozy with relaxation. 

This project located in Taikoohui shopping mall, which is designed by world famous Arquitectonica. Sun Master are aware of the customer’s needs and giving full support offering the indoor and outdoor furniture as a wicker chair manufacturer and plastic wood table supplier.


In this project, the outdoor furniture needs to adapt to the outside space, based on the customization which keeps the balance between outdoor furniture and interior design. Restaurant chairs can also be used at hotel, bar, coffee shop, enjoyed wide range of application.


Enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the nice cuisine, along with the pleasant service from Sun Master outdoor furniture.

Post time: Mar-17-2021

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