How To Clean And Maintain Outdoor Furniture?

1 Clean dishcloth


When cleaning and maintaining outdoor furniture,we must determine whether the dishcloth is clean first. After cleaning or wiping off dust, be sure to turn it over or use a new dishcloth. Don’t use the side that had made dirty repeatedly, it will make filth rubbed on furniture’s surface and damage the bright layer of furniture outside instead.


2 Choose the right care agent


In order to maintain the original brightness of the furniture, there are two kinds of furniture care products: furniture care wax spray , cleaning and maintenance agent. Furniture care wax spray basically aims at the qualitative material such as all sorts of woodiness, polyester, paint and fire-proof plastic board, And has various fresh smells.Cleaning and maintenance agent is suitable for all kinds material of wood, glass, synthetic wood , especially for mixed materials of outdoor furniture. Therefore, Choose the right care agent, can save so much precious time, also improve the maintenance effect.

Before we use them, It is best to shake it well and hold it at a 45 degree angle so the contents of the canister can be released without pressure. Then gently spray to the dry dishcloth from around 15 cm distance , and wipe the furniture, can play a very good cleaning and maintenance effect.


3 Targeted cleaning


Textilene :  wipe with a dishcloth dipped in water.

Wooden tables and chairs :  wipe with a rag, don’t use hard objects to scrape, avoid to damage waterproof layer.

PE rattan :  can be cleaned with a soft brush, rag or vacuum cleaner , prevent collision and scratches on knife tips or hard objects. PE rattan can moistureproof, anti aging, insect proof, anti – infrared ray, therefore do not have to spend too much on maintenance.

Plastic :  can be washed with ordinary detergent, pay attention not to touch hard objects, don’t use metal brush to wash. Should prevent collision and knife tip or hard object scratch, if cracking,  can repair by hot melt method .

Metal :  avoid bumping and scratching the protective layer when handling; Don’t stand above folding furniture to avoid the fold place is out of shape and influence used. Just use warm soapy water to scrub, mustn’t use strong acid or strong alkaline detergent to clean, lest damage the protective layer and rust.


4 Rattan outdoor furniture maintenance


4.1 Daily maintenance

Use a clean soft dishcloth to wipe the paint surface frequently, and pay attension for acid, alkaline chemicals and oil

4.2 burn mark

If lacquer face leaves coke mark, can wrap a fine grain hard cloth on match pole or toothpick, rub trace gently, besmear next thin wax, coke mark can desalinate

4.3 hot mark

Generally, as long as wipe by the dishcloth with alcohol, kerosene or tea . You’d better repaint the surface if you can’t get rid of it


Use crayon or paint on the surface to cover the exposed place, then use a thin layer of transparent nail polish for protection.

4.5Water mark

Cover the mark with a wet dishcloth, then press the wet dishcloth carefully several times by an electric iron, and the mark will fade.

Post time: Jun-17-2021

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