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Outdoor furniture is expected to break new ground. Transparency Market Research’s latest report on the outdoor furniture Market for 2021-2031 (with 2021-2031 as the forecast period and 2020 as the base year) shows that The outdoor furniture market is already worth more than $17 billion by 2020, with a cagR of 6% over the statistical period given in the report. The popularity of commercial outdoor furniture and consumers’ pursuit of outdoor furniture are key factors leading the growth of the global outdoor furniture market.
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The haze of the epidemic has been enveloping the global village. People at home hope to feel the taste of “fresh freedom” and relax themselves at the same time. Under such a trend, the global outdoor furniture market is expected to break new ground. Early, most family just use indoor furniture in outdoor only, but it can only compress its use fixed number of years by a long time of sunshine and rain. These days, home with a courtyard or an open-air business can no longer be without outdoor furniture. Supplemented by suitable outdoor furniture can also enhance the comfort of people’s living space even a mini balcony . In addition, social events such as family dinners and weddings are expected to make a comeback as the global pandemic eases, leading to demand for outdoor furniture products.

Recently, consumer activity is gradually expanding, travel has once again become a “top priority” in life. Hotels, resorts and open courtyards are gradually returning to crowds, a trend represents a strong growth in the outdoor furniture market. Outdoor furniture should have a certain tolerance, crack resistance, insect resistance to withstand the “test of nature”, also, this is the first consideration of consumers when buying. Today, most companies are shifting their research and development toward environmentally friendly, one-piece furniture in an effort to find a balance between easing choice fears and taking a sustainable path.

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In addition, resorts and hotels and other leisure and entertainment venues affected by the epidemic closed, are now ready to fight a beautiful turnaround,So,the demand for outdoor furniture has soared. Some open-air/semi-open-air restaurants and offices need to be renovated to suit the needs of social isolation in the post-epidemic era. This will also promote the market of outdoor furniture greatly.

Innovative furniture products are becoming increasingly popular among consumers in the Asia-Pacific region.Not only consumer itself disposable income increases and more attention to the extension of the space outside the living room,also because of the accelerating urbanization process in the Asia-Pacific region.
Demand for outdoor furniture is also soaring in Singapore, India, Malaysia and other countries that thrive on tourism.The global outdoor furniture market is expected to exceed $31 billion by 2031 and grow at a cagR of 6% over the cycle (2021-2031).

Outdoor furnure

Post time: Aug-25-2021

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